Regrow Clinic at Haridwar promises affordable yet advanced hair transplant
May 12, 2021 8:11 pm

Regrow Clinic at Haridwar promises affordable yet advanced hair transplant procedures : सोमवार, 05 अप्रैल 2021 1:58 PM (IST)
Regrow Clinic at Haridwar promises affordable yet advanced hair transplant procedures
Advanced Hair Transplant procedures promise quick healing and speedy recovery with nearly zero side effects. It is not surprising to find tourist destinations such as Haridwar boasting of many hair transplant centres, but Regrow Clinic's name tops the list. Tourists can seek safe and quality hair transplant services, especially at Regrow Clinic during their stay in Haridwar Since 2015, Regrow Clinic, Haridwar is famous for offering the best natural hairline creation in the hair transplant procedure. The cosmetologists at Regrow Clinic evaluate the hair and the patient's scalp in detail before suggesting the hair transplant procedure.
In conversation with Clinicspots, Dr. AnkurSinghal of Regrow Clinic, 'Over the years, we have been performing hair transplant procedures on many visiting clients. We offer the best and the latest hair transplant treatments at economical prices. We have in place a polite and well-qualified team of trained medical staff who promise a hassle-free hair transplant experience.'
Further, he states, 'We are experts in temple restoration with assorted grafts placements, natural and unrecognizable hairlines, and revision hair transplant. Our bespoken hair transplant jobs are known to have up to 97% survival rate of grafts. Our clients are extremely impressed with their hair transplant experience'.
The automatic FUE hair restoration process is rapidly becoming one of the world's most popular hair transplant procedures. This new technique revolutionizes hair transplant surgeries by allowing you to create beautiful, natural hair contours that will be your own permanently.

Regrow Clinic offers swift hair transplant procedure known as the QUICK FUE Hair Transplant®. The hair transplant doctor uses a SAVA Implanter, a special tool to complete the procedure in four hours. At least six to eight technicians are present to extract hair follicles and implant them in the recipient area along with the doctor. This means the grafts need not be stored for future use and improve the hair transplant's success rate.

Dr.AnkurSinghal of Regrow Clinic, an expert in performing QUICK FUE Hair Transplants, states, 'Quick Hair Transplant® procedure for a client who wishes to have a fast hair implantation procedure. It is possible to graft 5000 – 6000 of hair grafts in a single session with the help of 6 – 10 hair technicians across 1 – 2 consecutive days. The QUICK FUE Hair Transplant®is a patented and trademark technique of Regrow clinic.’
Most of the clients of Regrow Clinic are extremely satisfied with the results of their hair transplant experience. The doctors and staff of Regrow Clinic are well mannered and polite. They are helpful and cooperative with their customers. Moreover, the clinic and their operating rooms are well maintained, clean and hygienic for highest degree of patient safety.

Why choose Haridwar for a hair transplant procedure?

Haridwar is one of the second largest cities in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a popular tourist destination as travelers wishing to embark on a Char DhamyatraBadrinath, Kedarnath, Yamnotri, and Gangotri arrive at Haridwar and travel further.
Haridwar boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year. Summers are mildly pleasant, while the winters are bearable. Tourists extend their stay in this idyllic city for rest and rejuvenation. The city is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities as required by the visiting tourist population.
Tourists and visitors can always plan their hair transplant procedure by getting in touch with doctors at Regrow Clinic. These days, it is possible to have a virtual consultation with the necessary medical reports and details. They can arrive in Haridwar just before the date of the procedure and undergo a preliminary medical examination. If all is well, then the hair transplant procedure is done as per the schedule, and the client can spend a few days in pleasant Haridwar to recover.
Get in touch with Regrow Clinic at or call on +91-9528168089

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