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May 9, 2021 3:08 am

Eyeshadow Guide for Beginners: Know the Different Types

khaskhabar.com : सोमवार, 15 मार्च 2021 2:50 PM (IST)
Eyeshadow Guide for Beginners: Know the Different Types
The main purpose of using an eyeshadow is to highlight the eyes. And with the most suitable technique, your eyes can look like a complete stunner. For beginners, it can be a bit difficult to apply eyeshadow properly. The basic thing that you should know as a beginner in the field of eye makeup is the different types of eyeshadows which are categorized based on their finish, texture, and effect. Choosing the most suitable eyeshadow is important to create a distinctive look. For choosing the right eyeshadow, you need to know what are the different categories of eyeshadows available in the market. Here you go:

Liquid eyeshadow
These shadows are generally packed similarly to a lip gloss with a fluffy band. Liquid eyeshadows are considered the best of their kind and are a must for all beginners. The most convenient way in which you can use an eyeshadow is to use it as a base. A lot of pigment can be grabbed with this eyeshadow. Sometimes, you can also use it along with a kajal eyeliner.

Stick eyeshadow
If you are looking for an eyeshadow that can be applied very easily and you won’t have to put much effort into the application, you can go for a stick eyeshadow. They have high versatility and you can simply use them. Stick eyeshadow is also known as crayon eyeshadow.

Powder Eyeshadow
Powder eyeshadow is the most commonly used eyeshadow. Beginners can use it very easily as it is hassle-free and doesn’t require a lot of effort to apply. It can be blended very easily. You can find different kinds of eyeshadow palettes in the market and you can even find them of different brands too. Some commonly used powder eyeshadows include matte eyeshadow, shimmer eyeshadow, and satin eyeshadow.

Cream Eyeshadow
The most important thing about a cream eyeshadow is its ability to blend. Two or more colours can be combined for an overly dramatic look. This kind of eyeshadow can also work with two big shader brushes, particularly synthetic as they let you easily pick the product up and dab them on your lids.

Loose pigment powder eyeshadow
This kind of eyeshadow is available in the form of loose powder. It is mostly used by makeup professionals who can use it with a lot of precision. You can check the quality of a loose eyeshadow by checking its texture to ensure that it is completely refined and is a fine powder with a smooth texture. So, these are some basic types of eyeshadows that you can use. All these eyeshadows can be found both online and offline. You can use all of these eyeshadows for a stunning look. You just need to make sure that you choose the right eyeshadow because even the tiniest mistake you make can cause a lot of harm to your skin.

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