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Sep 22, 2021 5:30 am

What is the importance of Solar Inverter in a Photovoltaic power system?

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What is the importance of Solar Inverter in
a Photovoltaic power system?
When we talk about a solar installation, we tend to think only of the panels that we see on the rooftops, or arranged in a field next to the road we are driving on. But there are other parts or components, which are just as or more important. Before everything, emphasize that the inverter is the most important element of a solar kit, since it is the one that transforms the energy produced by the solar panels (Direct Current, DC) into the energy that your home needs (Alternating Current, AC). We can consider it as the brain and the heart, at the same time, of a solar installation. In its basic function, an inverter only transforms an input current into an output current that we can take advantage of in our home.

What is a solar inverter for home and how does it work?
As we know that solar inverter for home is responsible for converting the electricity generated by solar panels to use it in our homes for lighting, the use of household appliances or for any electrical device.
Its operation is based on processing the solar energy that the panels have previously captured through the sun using electrons that move inside their solar cells to produce continuous energy.
This continuous energy needs an object that converts it into alternate energy and it is right where the inverter makes its appearance, since it is responsible for converting and generating energy suitable for use in any home, hence its great importance.

Isolated Inverters The isolated solar inverter for home is used for those facilities that do not have access to electricity, and that the only electrical supply they have will be that of the solar panels and / or a generator.
In this way, solar batteries are also an essential element in this type of kit if they want the home to enjoy energy autonomy in the hours where there is no sun or even in the cloudiest days when the panels cannot produce at their maximum.
Hence, for the precise operation of the isolation kits we will also need other elements such as a charge controller or a solar battery charger so that the solar batteries work without problems. We can find 12, 24 and 48V isolated inverters. We will choose the power according to the voltage of the solar batteries.
In summary, the process of converting solar energy into electrical energy has to do mainly with two products: a solar panel and an inverter; being the panel the one that captures the energy directly from the sun's rays and the inverter who converts it into electrical energy to be used in all kinds of household and electronic appliances.
Some solar inverter for home has a self-sustaining operation function. The self-sustaining operation function is a function that can use the electricity generated by solar power generation even in the event of a power outage due to a disaster or lightning. You cannot use it. The self-sustaining operation function is an important function to prepare for the risk of not being able to use electricity in the event of a disaster.
So if you are going to purchase a solar inverter for your solar panel system then always choose the best and expert choice.

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